Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Card

Valentine's Heart-String Card

This is a new Pastel b. design for Valentine's Day, sewn with satin lace to outline the heart silhouette, decorated with pale pink hearts and a satin bow with a gold sequin as a final touch.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Truth about Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Gal's Point of View - A Day to be hooked up at all cost
Guy's Point of View - A Day to be avoided at all cost

I got a call from a male friend on Valentine's Day, wishing me a good day and asked me for some advice. The girl he had been dating was asking him where they'd spend Valentine's Day.

My friend was hesitant and non-committal till the last moment. He said that he was going for a round of golf and wouldn't be back till after dinner time. In fact, he was home. He didn't want to have dinner with her because it would make them too "official". Drinks would be more casual and they would be less of an item. OK....

Gals all expected their significant others to "do something", coz that's what couples "should" do on Valentine's Day. To the gals, it would be unimaginable if there weren't any plans, presents, flowers in store on this big day. After all, what better day than Valentine's Day to show love and appreciation for each other? With much anticipation and expectation, the gals waited ....

The moral of the story is, if the gal is dating a guy above. This would be a day of utter disappointment. It is the everlasting struggle of guys wanting to be non-committal, and gals wanting commitment. Of course there are happy couples enjoying the day and each other's company. I believe that feeling appreciative of each other should be mutual. If the bond is there, you could feel it in your heart, each and every day, and not only on this day.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's

It's always nice to receive flowers on Valentine's Day. A dear friend has never failed to send me flowers every year for the past 6 six years. This is my favorite bouquet so far! Happy Valentine's everyone!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pastel b. Website

I am so excited about the upcoming Pastel b. website. I am doubly excited coz Pascale is designing the website for me :)
When Pascale sent me the jpegs of the website, I went awe...., it's just so nice. I can't wait to see the website up and running. Thank you, Pascale, for your beautiful work and efforts. I truly appreciate it :D
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