Friday, March 30, 2012

New Pad

Pastel b. has moved after being in the same neighborhood for eight years! It's quite a change but we are embracing the new opportunities here. Wish us luck!

Voila, first post from our new pad in 2012!! 

(pic taken at the flower show at Victoria park earlier in the month)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Beaming Flowers

The weather has been real nice and comfy the past two days, ranging from 17 to 22c. My mood has visibly kicked up a few notches, having been dampened by the rainy cold spell earlier on. Wet and cold, the worst combination ever.

Grasping the sunny day, Porky and I venture out. Perhaps it's me feeling bright and buoyant, everything around me simply look cheery and chipper. Stopping by the flower stall I make my way to vases of pale pink and green sweet peas.

Preferring muted pastels to bright primary colors I would have swooped up a bunch already but these yellow roses are simply irresistible on this gay day. Well, the yellow roses finally win. Now sitting prettily in the living room, they seem to be beaming every time I look.

Wise choice.

(The basket is from an Aveda hamper)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Burgundy Chrysanthemums

The unusually long cold spell has my senses seeking warmth with everything, steaming hot drinks and comfort food, soft flannel sheets and throws. I find these burgundy chrysanthemums warming to the eyes, the rich color giving the petals a velvety texture that's soft and plush.

The chrysanthemums come in pretty long stems which I have loosely arranged in an angular coffee jar. The shorter stems are gathered as a dome in a square votive candle holder.

I usually save sweeter fragrances for cooler weathers and STELLA is a favorite with its layered scent of roses. What a wonderful afternoon it would be to burrow under the throws with a steaming mug of Darjeeling, indulging in a good book enveloped in a cloud of roses. Divine.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Chamelaucium commonly known as Waxflower

The weather has been truly erratic this winter, with days alternating between 20c and 9c. The recent cold spell has lasted for days and the arrival of a rare warm and sunny day is welcomed relief to finally relax those hunched shoulders.

Porky and I grasped the chance to soak up every bit of sun at an outdoor cafe then taking a leisurely walk around. Our last stop was the flower stall and I was excited to see boxes of fresh flowers.

The lady was busy making tall floral arrangements for an opening. She said the big blooms were not for sale but I could choose amongst the smaller sprays use for adornment.

I finally picked two stems of waxflowers. The lady waved me off and said "on the house". Pruning and arranging my gift in the kitchen I was happy as a Porky (dog). The cluster of pink blossoms seemed to be smiling ear to ear back at me, too.

I crushed a few of the tiny leaves releasing their delicate aroma. Breathing in the fragrance I was awash with gratitude of a nice day lapping the sun with Porky and my vase of pink smileys.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Baby Tree

Happy New Year! After a long hiatus, Pastel b. is back with more cards, floral designs and always something nice.

First in order is supporting WWF's My Baby Tree program. With every donation you will receive a tiny key chain canister with a living plant (cactus here). The funds go to the reforestation of the Rinjani forest in Indonesia and what's more, a tree will be named after you which could be found on Google Earth.

With proper care the teeny key chain plant will grow along with "your" very own tree. What a better way to welcome the New Year with vibrant green life and know you have made an Eco effort to make the world a better place!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hyacinths make beautiful bouquets and in this case a romantic posy. The dense cluster of florets makes an impressive presence and a minimal arrangement is all these bursting stars needed.

Hyacinths are also known for their fragrance. Too bad I cannot be in close proximity with these lovely flowers as I would start sneezing and working with them at length makes my head pound. I have asked some experienced florists if it happens to them and they almost unanimously say yes.

Fragrant flowers such as hyacinths are mostly placed at the shop front and milder ones near their work station. The practicality of the placement has an added advantage, lulling passerby to stop and browse as the fragrances greets their senses miles away.

Brilliant idea.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Potted Azalea

This pot of azalea is my first flowering plant. I have always been partial to cut flowers as opposed to potted ones for their convenience. The blossom in this little pot has lasted two full months. As the flowers begin to wilt I start reading up on the care of azaleas. After the first flowering it's recommended to plant the azalea outdoors for the next season. Since I don't have a garden it will have to stay in its pot.

The leaves have grown wild and unruly in the meantime. I am real skeptical about it blooming again but on the off chance that it would, I have kept up with the trimming to keep its original dome shape. It almost has a sorry end in the trash can one day because it is so dry and brittle. I have completely forgotten to water it.

I think this pot is a late bloomer. Spring has come and gone and it's the height of summer. Nonetheless it's a thrill to be counting the new buds. As a debutant there is still much to learn about plants. I am looking forward to the wide circle of buds yet to bloom and happily thinking ablout choosing my second flowering plant.
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