Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pre-wedding Posy

Hydrangea, White Rose & Musk

Pre-wedding Posy

I made this posy for a pre-wedding shoot. It's been re-scheduled for the fourth time because of the rainy season. Originally, both the bride and I wanted to use peonies, but we had to change the flower choice since peonies were very late in the season and would not last in the hot weather.

The whole day shooting will be done outdoors. After discussing with the bride, we decided to choose the much sturdier white roses. However, I knew the bride was not too partial to roses, so I decided to add some pale pink hydrangea and musk to add some dreaminess and fragrance to the posy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snowball Bouquet

We did a lovely snowball bouquet in class this week. It's mostly made for bridesmaids and flower girls to carry around. They could hold it by the ribbon, or put the ribbon through the arm and let it dangle like a round handbag.

The bouquet is made with pink and green sweet peas, red spray roses and eucalyptus leaves. I think this snowball is more for flower girls than bridesmaids because it is too cute, especially with the pink ribbon tassles. They reminded me of the ballon strings.

I could imagine a flower girl swinging the snowball in the sunlight already. It would make a lovely photo. Awe, so sweet....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday Flowers

Belated Birthday Bouquet

Peonies, Calla Lilies and Lotus Pod in vase

I have been receiving flowers from a friend without fail on Valentine's Day and my birthday for six years. This year's belated because my friend was out of town. The nicest part was that even though it's belated, my birthday was not forgotten. Thanks for the thought.

I bought the vase at a bazaar near my place last year. It was such a bargain I also bought a porcelain umbrella stand. I mainly use this vase for heavy bouquets, since it's pretty heavy itself; big flowers would not tumble out of the vase so easily. The vase was perfect for the peonies pictured here since the blossoms were bigger than rice bowls!!
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