Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jasmine surprise

A friend dropped by and gave me a really nice gift. Wrapped in light ivory paper were two bouquets of jasmine. The fragrance was heavenly, light and fresh. She said the flowers were not much, but I think it's the thought that counted.

Too bad jasmines were such delicate flowers that could last only two to three days max, but I guess the fragility just made them more precious.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

White and Green

White Lily Posy with generous greens for adornment

Finally there is a posy with my favorite color scheme, white and green. The white lilies were adorned with 3 kinds of greens. First, we had to gather the lilies into a flat-topped circle, then we had to make a loop with the ophiopogon leaves, which incidentally looked a little like spring onions. The tips were left as sprays.

Lastly the posy was enveloped by big hosta leaves. We used another deeper green leaf, the aspidistra, to wrap around the stems of the lilies to hide the flower tape and anchor it with a pearl pin. Voila, this is the White and Green lily posy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Champagne roses with red berries

Sheathed in matching organza adds a softness to the posy

Red roses and African berries make a lovely wintry bouquet

Big blossoms add fullness to the posy
Even though I am not a big fan of roses, I must admit that the posies we made in class the past two weeks were my favorites in this course. Both posies shown above were hand tied, with no wires.
Hand tied posies adds spontaneity to the bouquet as the flowers arranged this way are less rigid in structure.
Two more classes left, I'll definitely miss it!!
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