Thursday, November 26, 2009


Rust color Chrysanthemums and Velvet variegated Carnations

Happy Thanksgiving!! These are two mini vases of Chrysanthemums and Carnations I have arranged today. The vases look filled to the brim, but each one has only two stems of flowers. I have cut them really short to fill the 3" and 4" glass containers.

I have chosen 2 matching dark brown glass vases of different heights to complement the wintry hues of rust and velvety purple. The colors of the flowers have such a presence about them, I think this simple arrangement befits them most.

Although a wreath would be nice, I think this frugal arrangement also has its appeal. Happy thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flower Shoot

Red Roses Dome Posy

White and Pale Green and Sweet Peas Posy

Petit Sweet Pea Posy for Flower Girls

Mid-size Red Rose Posy for bridesmaids

Red and Green make a nice contrast

During the last week of October, we had a flower shoot done by Terry Bear. We were worried about the weather because the whole week had been cloudy and murky. We wanted the flowers shot under natural light and we were so thankful on the day of the shoot, the weather was fine and there was abundant lighting.

After a couple of test shots, Terry decided against the commercial style shooting, where the bouquets were upright and shot rigid as a statue. I was thrilled with the resulting photos. The lighting highlighted the layers and textures of the posies. The greatest part was the composition of the photos. They were artful, but at the same time Terry created a laid back, non structured ambience.

I hope in the coming days, more flowers and posies will be featured here.
(All Photos by Terry Bear, a very big thank you to YY)
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