Saturday, September 27, 2008

Studio White II

Beaded Partition for added privacy....

View from the Makeup Section....

Makeup Section....

Another view of the Makeup section.....

Welcome sign from YY.....

Today is Studio White's grand opening. YY has made a really nice 'Welcome' sign for us and Karen has sent us a massive bouquet that smells heavenly.

The beaded partition hangs gracefully, subtly dividing Pastel b. and the Makeup Section.
Friends came over for a celebrating toast and we ordered take out from a nice restaurant. It's a cozy gathering, which was what I intended in the first place.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. This is indeed a great start for Studio White!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Studio White

Here are some pictures I have taken today of Studio White. Studio White is composed of 2 sections, the makeup section, and the show room section for Pastel b. cards and Petit enjel baby couture. Both brands will be expanding and adding more items in the very near future!
Sofa and reception area

Pastel b. and Petit enjel Display

View of entire display


Close up

Cabinet Interior

Pastel b. Cards

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Nice Saturday

It has been a very nice Saturday. Pascale came back for a visit and we had a delicious lunch. After that, we went back to the studio. I was hoping that Pascale would go "wow" on the work and renovation we have done. Well, I am happy that Pascale is duly impressed. :D

We went around the studio and I pointed out where the Pastel b. display rack will be and how we would best display Petit enjel baby clothings. The angel suits look adorable on the hangers brought over by Pascale. Even though we are in different fields, everything just looks so perfect together.

We also have plans expanding our respective businesses, by adding more accessories, thereby enlarging the collection, and hopefully get a brand awareness of our products. It will be challenging, but I know it will be fun, coz we are working foremost as friends.

The final pieces of furniture are delivered when evening rolls in. Elaw and me picked up great bargains over the month. After the makeup table and mirrors are assembled, the makeup section of Studio White will be fully functional.

It's been a busy month, but I am so happy and excited that everything is finally coming together, even better than we expected. This is to a great start for Studio White!!

Thank you, Pascale, for coming to the studio to visit. It has made my day and thanks for all the compliments!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today ( US time ) is 9/11. I could still remember watching the TV coverage 7 years ago. I thought I was watching a Die Hard movie rerun or some macho movie of that genre.

When I realized that it's real, I stood rooted on the spot and was stunned and speechless. The subsequent news coverage and mass casualities were painful, sad, and heartbreaking.

There was a study I read about that said, if a trauma was significant enough, you'd remember every detail of the day. The study was on what people remembered on the day that President Kennedy was assassinated. People could remember where they were, what they were doing and other minute details prior to and after the occurence.

To me, 9/11 has the same effect. I could vividly recall which spot I stood rooted to, staring at the TV screen. I could still remember the tears flowing when the names were read by the loved ones at the memorial ceremonies over the years.

There are some things you'd remember for life, and 9/11 is innocent lives taken and bravery honored.
(image Wikipedia)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Orphaned kitten

This is Camille, a kitten I adopted from the cat clinic I worked for a day back in June. She was left outside the clinic and she was tiny as a rat. She was just a few weeks old, and her eyes were still shut.
A nurse at the clinic became the foster mom and fed her formula. Her prospects were pretty dim coz she was so tiny when she was orphaned.
Now, she is a 3-month old, healthy, naughty and canon-ball kitten, running all over the place with bursts of energy. The amazing thing is, after some initial suspicions on all parts of the "zoo", B Chan, the pomeranian, Ashley the Scottish fold, and Dayee, the Major Mitchell cockatoo, have come to accept this little "mouse" of a cat.
Our family has one more loving member. By the way, Camille is pronounced as "ca-mill-e", not "camel". Geez, I don't hate her enough to call a cat, Camel.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What to name Fish?

A friend's younger son has finally got 2 pet fish of his own. With ownership of 2 cool goldfish comes big responsibility, that of naming them. The little boy is 10 years old, and my first thought was that he would name them after some cartoon hero. That's what I named mine when I was young. Guess I skipped a whole generation of evolution.

One of the fish is called Michael Phelps and the other is called Obama. Okay, not Obama directly, but Mr. President...The little boy told me that this is his 3rd Obama fish, the two previous fish had mysteriously gone belly up.
He is mighty worried what will happen to Obama III. So, I asked him what he'd do if this fish went belly up also. He thought for a while and said, "Maybe I wouldn't call the next one Mr. President anymore, maybe just Obama."

How's that for wisdom?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Although it's still piping hot and humid, it's September already. Everyone has a favorite season, and autumn is special to me for a lot of reasons.

First, it will be dry and airy, a respite from the humidity that weighs you down the whole summer. Secondly, a lot of new beginnings and transitons always happens during this time of the year.

I remember my dream house of 11 years ago, driving in my then convertible to see the renovation, with the hood down, so excited at the prospect of moving in. There are also special moments taking of my kids to the Peak for walks, and watching them roll in the grass, with no fear of heat strokes.

This September, we are opening our new studio. Am I a bit superstitious about good things happening in autumn? This will be a new chapter and I can't wait for the story to unfold. There seems to be so many possibilities suddenly opening up with our new endeavor.

Perhaps it's the airiness that lifts the spirit, so all things seem lighter, happier...
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