Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cymbidium Posy

Cymbidium orchids, pink roses, wax flower posy

Posy full view

It doesn't seem that long ago when I enrol in my flower course but I am already three quarters into my course. There will be only 5 classes left in the upcoming weeks. I miss my weekly class already.

This is a Cymbidium posy I made last Friday. It might not be obvious, but aside from the orchids, roses and wax flower blooms, we had to use two kinds of foliage to separate the flowers and fill in the little gaps, to make the posy fuller and rounder.

The teacher told us now that we have a firm grasp of the basic techniques, we have to focus on the little details. It's the little details that count, that make the difference. How true!


Unknown said...

Wow, what a beautiful flower arrangement! I wonder how you get those flowers looking so full, round and so tightly (but not too tight) placed.
It's really pretty, well done job!

Can I give you a small hint on your photo shoots that I have been noticing from a quite a while back?

Since your flowers are gathered as a posy or in vases creating beautiful patterns on more than 50% of the surface of your photo, your photo will look more pretty and the flowers will be more appealing to eyes if your background is not a pattern (having the background blurred is also good). For example, sometimes I see you got books behind, or it's a LV pattern? Your flowers are so pretty so it doesn't really matter but I think it will make your flower photos even more pretty that way :)

No hard feelings! just letting you know with smiles :)

bonnie said...

Thanks for your comment on the photos. I know that a blurred background is nicer, but mostly, I just wanted to snap the picture for record. There is not a surface without stuff.

Since it's just homework, I just wanted to keep a scrapbook of them, albeit in photos. When I really do it for my portfolio, I will set them up nicer.

Thanks for taking the time to tell me though!! :p

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