Sunday, August 15, 2010

Potted Azalea

This pot of azalea is my first flowering plant. I have always been partial to cut flowers as opposed to potted ones for their convenience. The blossom in this little pot has lasted two full months. As the flowers begin to wilt I start reading up on the care of azaleas. After the first flowering it's recommended to plant the azalea outdoors for the next season. Since I don't have a garden it will have to stay in its pot.

The leaves have grown wild and unruly in the meantime. I am real skeptical about it blooming again but on the off chance that it would, I have kept up with the trimming to keep its original dome shape. It almost has a sorry end in the trash can one day because it is so dry and brittle. I have completely forgotten to water it.

I think this pot is a late bloomer. Spring has come and gone and it's the height of summer. Nonetheless it's a thrill to be counting the new buds. As a debutant there is still much to learn about plants. I am looking forward to the wide circle of buds yet to bloom and happily thinking ablout choosing my second flowering plant.


Unknown said...

it's nice to grow flowers on pots too eh?
Like you said, you can count the soon to bloom flowers, staring and feeling proud you've helped the pretty thing to survive :)

bonnie said...

Yeah it's nice to grow flowers!! I am choosing my second pot now :)

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