Thursday, November 13, 2008

Autumn Excursion

Mommy made me pose...


Maman et moi

Vanilla Milkshake

Kobe passed on a year ago and November 7th was the 1st anniversary. Time really just flew by, coz I couldn't believe he was gone that long. One of our favorite outings is going to the Peak. B chan and Kobe loved running on the grass, with ears flapping and tongues out.
We went to the Peak on the 7th. Seeing B chan run round and round the park made me miss Kobe all the more. He would have enjoyed the mild weather and the sun. Most of all, he would be rolling in the grass and then nap in the sunlight.
We even managed to catch the sunset when we went for refreshments at the Peak Lookout. I ordered a Vanilla Milkshake and a warm chocolate cake. The food was yummy and I just wished Kobe were here, coz he would have loved the vanilla ice cream.


pascale said...

I am sure Kobe was looking down enjoying your thoughts and the visit :)

bonnie said...

Awe....thanks :)

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