Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Tricia Guild Designs

The first day I attended my flower class, my teacher asked me if I had brought a notebook to mark down the notes. I said that I didn't know...I felt like an idiot. Yes, although it's only a flower class, it was still a class. He then reminded me to take a picture of the notes on the white board with my cell phone before I left class....I did not exactly go hunting for a notebook, because you could get it at any stationery store.

One afternoon, I was early for an appointment, and I went browsing at a nice store. There was a stationery section, and there I saw "the" notebook that I wanted. It's designed by Tricia Guild and on the footer of every page was emblazoned with the line "Designer's Guild".

It was love at first sight. Obviously, I bought it. It was around US10. Yes, pricey for a notebook, but I love writing in it. The first section is reserved for my flower class notes. The back section is reserved for my musings, ideas that would pop up here and there for my blogs. I carry my notebook with me everywhere now. Well, it measures only 10.5 x 14.5cm, purse size and perfect.

For more on Tricia Guild please visit www.designersguild.com


pascale said...

Is it the notebook on the photo?
I love writing in nice notebooks :D
Because it's the art of quietly carving in ink ...

bonnie said...

Yes, it's the notebook (the standing one)in the picture, only mine's design is in horizontal lines. :)
How nicely phrased, "the art of quietly carving in ink!!"
You got a poet in you!!

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