Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flower Class

Wrist Corsage

Dome Rose Posy

Bridal Bouquet with Calla Lilies

I have been taking flower classes since May. The Dome Rose posy by far the most difficult one because we had to visualize the whole process from a reversed angle.

The front of the posy, as seen, was actually the top from where we had to create the dome. All the while, we had to balance the three roses which hung vertically down.

First, we had to choose three rose buds, place at an angle in the foam, then wire to steady them. Next, we pick the biggest bloom and put it in the middle as our focal point. Actually, when we were making the posy, the rose was on top.

I totally blanked out the first few minutes, when the teacher said we had to measure the length of the other roses and foliage to make the posy into a perfect dome. I was so glad that after a few stems, I got the hang of it. Another challenge was that the foam break apart easily, so we had to be pretty accurate as to where to put the stems.

We ended up standing up and stooping down to see if the posy was rounded for two full hours. I was tired, but happy to have learnt yet another technique.


pascale said...

Oh it's beautiful!!!
I can't wait to see others you will be making in the future!!

bonnie said...

Thanks :D
I am looking forward to them, too!!

Unknown said...

Nice wrist cordage! Next time show us on a wrist hehe

bonnie said...

I did take a pic on my wrist, but it was awkward coz I could only hold the camera away so much with the other hand. Next time I'll ask somebody to take the pic. :)

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