Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snowball Bouquet

We did a lovely snowball bouquet in class this week. It's mostly made for bridesmaids and flower girls to carry around. They could hold it by the ribbon, or put the ribbon through the arm and let it dangle like a round handbag.

The bouquet is made with pink and green sweet peas, red spray roses and eucalyptus leaves. I think this snowball is more for flower girls than bridesmaids because it is too cute, especially with the pink ribbon tassles. They reminded me of the ballon strings.

I could imagine a flower girl swinging the snowball in the sunlight already. It would make a lovely photo. Awe, so sweet....


Unknown said...

you are getting more and more professioanl by the day!!
just love it :D

bonnie said...

After so many classes, I sure hope so.

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