Monday, January 17, 2011


Chamelaucium commonly known as Waxflower

The weather has been truly erratic this winter, with days alternating between 20c and 9c. The recent cold spell has lasted for days and the arrival of a rare warm and sunny day is welcomed relief to finally relax those hunched shoulders.

Porky and I grasped the chance to soak up every bit of sun at an outdoor cafe then taking a leisurely walk around. Our last stop was the flower stall and I was excited to see boxes of fresh flowers.

The lady was busy making tall floral arrangements for an opening. She said the big blooms were not for sale but I could choose amongst the smaller sprays use for adornment.

I finally picked two stems of waxflowers. The lady waved me off and said "on the house". Pruning and arranging my gift in the kitchen I was happy as a Porky (dog). The cluster of pink blossoms seemed to be smiling ear to ear back at me, too.

I crushed a few of the tiny leaves releasing their delicate aroma. Breathing in the fragrance I was awash with gratitude of a nice day lapping the sun with Porky and my vase of pink smileys.


Unknown said...

It's really pretty flowers! :)
The walk must have been nice and to have a nice companion! nothing beats that.

I don't know why it makes me happy to have something extra from a florist. ('It's on the house' is even better!)
I mean, I would not be that happy if I was told the candies were on the house at the candy house. Something's special about flowers I guess. Or is it that we just like flowers a lot and it means so much?

Anyways, what a nice day :)

bonnie said...

I get the same feeling when I get that something extra from a florist. I think it's because we really love flowers and appreciate them. It won't matter as much to a non-flower fan :)

Yea, it's a nice day out!!

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