Sunday, February 13, 2011

Burgundy Chrysanthemums

The unusually long cold spell has my senses seeking warmth with everything, steaming hot drinks and comfort food, soft flannel sheets and throws. I find these burgundy chrysanthemums warming to the eyes, the rich color giving the petals a velvety texture that's soft and plush.

The chrysanthemums come in pretty long stems which I have loosely arranged in an angular coffee jar. The shorter stems are gathered as a dome in a square votive candle holder.

I usually save sweeter fragrances for cooler weathers and STELLA is a favorite with its layered scent of roses. What a wonderful afternoon it would be to burrow under the throws with a steaming mug of Darjeeling, indulging in a good book enveloped in a cloud of roses. Divine.


Unknown said...

what beautiful flowers! nice one!
Love the photo too!

I totally agree with saving sweeter scents for colder weathers. I do the same.. well I am not into sweet scents but the few bottle I have only get used in winter :)

bonnie said...

Thanks for your nice comments, as usual!! Sweet scents somehow go with winter. Imagine cinnamon and nutmegs in summer, it totally reminds you of Christmas!!

Unknown said...

anytime :) and I meant those words!
funny you should mention xmas.
when I saw the photo before reading your post I thought of xmas for a brief moment. I guess it might be the flowers having such vibrant red color :)

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