Friday, February 25, 2011

Beaming Flowers

The weather has been real nice and comfy the past two days, ranging from 17 to 22c. My mood has visibly kicked up a few notches, having been dampened by the rainy cold spell earlier on. Wet and cold, the worst combination ever.

Grasping the sunny day, Porky and I venture out. Perhaps it's me feeling bright and buoyant, everything around me simply look cheery and chipper. Stopping by the flower stall I make my way to vases of pale pink and green sweet peas.

Preferring muted pastels to bright primary colors I would have swooped up a bunch already but these yellow roses are simply irresistible on this gay day. Well, the yellow roses finally win. Now sitting prettily in the living room, they seem to be beaming every time I look.

Wise choice.

(The basket is from an Aveda hamper)

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