Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Artist Within

This is the most leafed-through book on my book shelf. It's called "A Year of Living Consciously" by Gay Hendricks. The author has an inspirational quote and musing, for each day of the year. It is a book I live by. Some days, I will find the entry has no relation to what I am going through. Most days though, I would have an "ah-ha "moment with the particular entry and I would carry that thought with me for the whole day.

Today's entry is titled "The Artist Within". I will include an excerpt here.

"Everyone has an artist in their heart. Perhaps the artist shows his or her spirit in a visual art-painting, writing, photography-or maybe in another form, such as cooking, child-rearing, or teaching. The possibilities are endless. What are you doing to indulge your artist within, to give voice to your creative self?"

"If your artist within is starving, then your spirit is starving. You cannot cut off a true part of yourself-and everyone has an artist in his or her heart-without doing damage to the rest of who you are."

People ask me why I have ditched my hated job and chose to "indulge" myself in making greeting cards. Perhaps it's plain laziness on my part to find another job. Usually this is the only reason they have come to.

A good friend, Josephine, whom I have known for 10 years, came over for dinner last night. We started chatting after she greeted my pets, or after they have crowded around to greet her. We proceeded to update each other with the latest news . I told her about my new venture, and after seeing my portfolio of cards, she asked if I could show her how to make a Pastel b. card from scratch.

What she said afterwards was the total sum of my thoughts and feelings. She said that she has never seen me so calm and peaceful in all the years she has known me. The most miraculous thing is that I could now face the ridiculousness of my dysfunctional family with a laugh. This was not imaginable before.

I was so happy to hear her comment. I guess I have really starved myself of my creativity for too long. Aside from making Pastel b. cards, I have also become hermetic in a way. I spend most days reading, bonding with my pets, writing and enjoying the simple pleasures in life, rather than crowd myself with activities.

I have also made a very wise decision in distancing myself from the toxic relationships (friend, colleague and family-wise) around me. It sounds a bit drastic, but after so many years of exposing myself to the "pollution" in my life, I really needed this period of detox. Now, I have the freshness and purity of true friends, to embark on a new journey in life. How refreshing!!


pascale said...

For some reason, I felt so calmed after reading your post.
I do agree with you that everyone has a part of themselves where they can indulge themselves into art. But you, dear friend, always had a very artistic part in you more than an average man. You just didn't kindle it sooner. At least that's how I feel it.

bonnie said...

Thanks for leaving this comment! Again, ever since I took up with Pastel b. again after a long siesta, you were the only one who believed in me and my craft. You can't imagine how much your encouragement has sustained the belief that "I can do it". Most of all, thanks for being a great friend! :D

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