Friday, August 8, 2008


I was reading up on eye creams a lot lately. Those that promise to eradicate fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. I was hoping to find a miracle. After much research and being a nuisance at skin care counters, I finally splurged on the Estee Lauder eye cream.
The texture is light and soft and it has powdered pearls in the ingredients, that promise to 'brighten the eyes'. Well, I was sold by the lady's pitch of making the dark circles go away. Yeah, right...
After I paid, the lady gave me sheets of the fragrance, Pleasures delight. They were individual sheets you'd find in Vogue and Elle, which you peel off and sniff. Well, that was a delight. All in all, the experience was nice, coz I feel really pampered.
Just hope the eye cream works wonder and the splurge is well spent.

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pascale said...

You have to place a follow-up entry on this lady.
For the good of woman-kind.

bonnie said...

Definitely!! :p

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