Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The camellia is one of my earliest desgins, and is my favorite one. Real camellia comes in a lot of varieties and colors. After studying the petal shapes and formation, I have chosen the formal double row camellia for replica in Pastel b. cards.
All the camellias in Pastel b. have 3 layers of petals, totalling 12 for each flower. Petals in the center are sewn with pearl or amethyst beads as stamens. Four falling petals are added in the corner, to signify the fragility of the flowers.
Bathed in the palest water colors as close to the original, I hope I have done justice to replicating this beautiful flower.


pascale said...

beautiful, just beautiful!

bonnie said...

Thank you for your constant encouragement, really appreciate it! :D

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