Thursday, September 25, 2008

Studio White

Here are some pictures I have taken today of Studio White. Studio White is composed of 2 sections, the makeup section, and the show room section for Pastel b. cards and Petit enjel baby couture. Both brands will be expanding and adding more items in the very near future!
Sofa and reception area

Pastel b. and Petit enjel Display

View of entire display


Close up

Cabinet Interior

Pastel b. Cards


pascale said...

woo!! woo!! woo!!!!
do you see my fist rotating happily in the air?
EVERYTHING is adorable!!!
again, congratulations!!

bonnie said...

Thanks, without your support, kind words and encouragement, I would not have believed Pastel b. cards would sell, not to mention actually opening a studio.
Thanks for putting Pastel b. cards on your website.
Petit enjel and Pastel b. really look great together!! :D

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