Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Nice Saturday

It has been a very nice Saturday. Pascale came back for a visit and we had a delicious lunch. After that, we went back to the studio. I was hoping that Pascale would go "wow" on the work and renovation we have done. Well, I am happy that Pascale is duly impressed. :D

We went around the studio and I pointed out where the Pastel b. display rack will be and how we would best display Petit enjel baby clothings. The angel suits look adorable on the hangers brought over by Pascale. Even though we are in different fields, everything just looks so perfect together.

We also have plans expanding our respective businesses, by adding more accessories, thereby enlarging the collection, and hopefully get a brand awareness of our products. It will be challenging, but I know it will be fun, coz we are working foremost as friends.

The final pieces of furniture are delivered when evening rolls in. Elaw and me picked up great bargains over the month. After the makeup table and mirrors are assembled, the makeup section of Studio White will be fully functional.

It's been a busy month, but I am so happy and excited that everything is finally coming together, even better than we expected. This is to a great start for Studio White!!

Thank you, Pascale, for coming to the studio to visit. It has made my day and thanks for all the compliments!!


pascale said...

You only wanted me to go 'wow' with what you have?! hahaha
The place was soooooo nice!
And seeing you even better.

I am really excited for the both of us! yuppy!!

bonnie said...

Haha, not only "wow", but your "wow" really means a lot. :D
I am soooo excited with our plans, too!

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