Monday, October 13, 2008

The Gift of Blindness

This is the title of October 12's entry from the book " A Year of Living Consciously". The entry is about a man driving under the influence and in the aftermath of a car accident, blinded. He says it's the best thing that happened to him. The incident "awakened the compassion and consciouness in him".

The man says he has been a really selfish person before, and didn't really know what love is, coz he has "never felt it as a child or grownup". But the man says the love he has for his guide dog is "the purest form of love" coz the man and his dog are linked together in a continous circle of service and gratitude".

The quote for the day is by Helen Keller:
"I thank God for my handicaps, for through them, I have found my work, and my God."

I think that "the gift of experience" of my most painful moments, have taught me to be more humble and most importantly, not to take anything or any person for granted.

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pascale said...

I read it somewhere that positive thinking is when we can find a lesson behind any negative happenings.
I am so impressed by this blind man.

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