Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Cushion Collection

Pastel b. has expanded into wedding accessories. This is our first Collection of Ring Bearer Cushions. The cushions will come with detachable satin ribbons for tying the rings. The idea behind is that after using it as a Ring Bearer Cushion, the couple could detach the ribbons and accessorize their home, serving as a momento of their special day.

Satin Ring Bearer Cushions from
Pastel b.
Pearl White Satin Cushion with
Interweaving Pale Pink & Pearl
White Ribbons

Pearl White Satin Cushion with
Interweaving Pale Grey & Pearl
White Ribbons


Unknown said...

oh how lovely!I love the fabrics and the colors! they are beautiful.

I still don't have a good idea on how the rings will be attached- can we see a sample on how this will be done next time?

bonnie said...

Will do, if it works out as I imagined, haha :p

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