Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nice Diaries

My previous job requires the usage of Palms, the only model supported by the company, to synchronize datas. Many colleagues use their Palms as appointment books and more so, as game consoles during the endless and boring meetings.

I never felt secure about battery gadgets. What if I lose all the data when the power is dead? I have a few nightmares with the 4 Palms I have gone through with 6 years on the job. For me, using pen and paper is the safest.

Every year, around this time, there will be diaries for the upcoming year beckoning you. I got my previous 2 diaries from Franc Franc and I really love them. With all diaries, they come with yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planners, but what I love best are the many nice blank pages and tear away notes which satisfy my list making habit nicely. Yes, I am addicted to writing lists.

I came across this article in Newsweek about some really nice diaries. You could find them at the "upmarket British stationer Smythson of Bond Street". This year, 4 contemporary artists have created limited editions appointment books. Since it's an artsy diary, it also includes extensive listings of upcoming exhibitions and the best art hotels and cafes. They don't come cheap though. The price tag is US$700 each, but the nice thing is that all of it will go to charity of the artists' choice.

Check out, you will find many other nice stuff. Great for browsing!!

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Unknown said...

a little too much over my budget but nice recommendation!
I guess busy people on the go appreciate gadgets more since they don't want to hold a bunch of diaries for this and that. One little palm/itouch would just be enough for them.

But many of those busy at the comfort of their own home-office would rally go for paper and pens. :)
Like vous and moi!

bonnie said...

I thought it's a nice charity thing, too pricey for me also. :P
Hooray to vous et moi working in the real comfort at home. The best thing is taking my time drinking coffee in the morning without having to rush and dress for work. I can be in my pjs the whole day and work without having to change, till I must really go out!:)

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