Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wedding Cake

A wonderful Book on Wedding Cakes

Lovely designs with Step by step Guide

A book that gives you lots of ideas and step by step guides to making your perfect wedding cake. The pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. The author breaks down the steps into miniature ones, which makes you think that you might master the skills to making "the Cake".

The author also gives you tips on how to make life-like sugar flowers and leaves. A little curve here and a little dip there and a sugar dough becomes a delicate rose bloom. It's a real light reading but also manages to wow you with the author's skill. It's a delight to browse through the pages.


Unknown said...

Oh you have to show me the book when I visit next time!!
While B-chan entertains Leigh of course. :)

bonnie said...

Of course!! If you were here, maybe we could try to make a simple one and we can eat it after taking loads of pics. If B-Chan deon't dive into the cake head first :P

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