Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Part I

White Poinsettia

My Barnes and Nobles Order

Gift from my sister Beatrice
There has been a lot of waiting this Christmas. I have decided not to have a X'mas tree this year, since I am pretty sure that the cats, especially Camille, will jump on it and take the tree and all the ornamnents down in one swoop. I opted for some poinsettias. When I went to my usual flower stall down the alley in the neighborhoodsome weeks ago, all I could see were pots of red poinsettias.
I asked the lady if there will be some white ones, and she told me that she'd have to order them, so it was a 2 weeks wait. The delivery was delayed again and again, and I was afriad that I won't get it at all, or maybe it'll be past X'mas. The flower stall lady felt so bad about my white poinsettias that she gave me a teeny red poinsettia.
Another wait is that I ordered 2 books from Barnes and Nobles. I am so grateful that my aunt was in the States when I made the order, so I could have the package sent to my sis's place in San Francisco instead of international. The international shipping cost would be more expensive than the cost of the books!! I just received my prized J.K. Rowling's "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" and Obama's "Audacity of Hope" last night along with presents from my sis.
Knowing that I am an Obama fan, my sis bought 2 Obama magazines as my X'mas gift. I am told that they cost more than US$60. Thank you!! I am so happy to have all I wanted after the wait, my beautiful pot of poinsettia and books I'll cherish for years to come!! Happy Christmas everyone!!

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